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From your part's initial concept to machined castings ready for assembly, let Versevo deliver a turn-key tooling and manufacturing solution that meets your exact needs.

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Product development, tooling, rapid prototypes, low pressure aluminum die casting, and production machining — get your quotes today!

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Over the past decade, Versevo has undergone remarkable change, including a new company name, a new focus, and a renewed mission to become the world's premier supplier to the casting and molding industry.

Versatile + Evolution = VERSEVO

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Versevo Inc. (formerly Pattern Technologies) is an ISO 9001:2008 certified and ITAR certified company that was established in April of 1994 with very specific ideas and goals in mind. Our first goal was to obtain the latest high-tech CAD/CAM software & high-speed CNC machining centers and secure top Tool & Die journeymen that possess the skills and knowledge necessary to manufacture tooling in today's quickly changing casting industries. The equipment and skill needed in our industry is one of precise accuracy and assurance. For this reason we choose to utilize CAD, CAM, CNC, and EDM technologies to their fullest. Our plan was aggressive and structured towards providing our customers with the types of services that would propel their capabilities towards or beyond their expectations of today's tooling shop.

"We've always had a manufacturing component of our business, but our main areas of focus are on speed to market and value engineering for our domestic and global customers."

- Terry R. Moon (President/CEO) — Casting & Design Solutions Magazine

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Versevo's products and services include: product development, tooling design, tool manufacturing, casting, molding, and high-speed CNC production machining. Our products range from lost foam tooling, diecast tooling, permanent mold tooling, plastic injection tooling, sand cast patterns and corebox tooling to compression molds, vacuum molds, investment casting molds, trim dies, fixture tooling, prototype tooling and rapid prototypes. We also offer low pressure permanent mold castings, casting simulation solutions, CMM quality control analysis, precision CNC machining, high-speed CNC production machining, CAD design, CAM programming, and CNC/EDM manufacturing.

Our Passion. Your Success.

Proudly leading an industry that rewards precision, efficiency and innovation, we are true believers in value engineering and always work diligently to improve our products and processes. This commitment requires us to call upon many virtues — passion, honor, integrity — and of course, vision and our roots in the tooling industry.


If you have any questions on the products or services we offer, please feel free to contact us. Onsite at your location, or from their mobile offices — our sales engineers can answer all of your process development, manufacturing and casting questions.