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Net Shape Casting Solutions

If you are striving for speed without compromising quality in the machining, tooling and molded products arenas, then your future is about to get brighter!

Our Passion – Your Success

Proudly leading an industry that rewards precision, efficiency and innovation, we are true believers in value engineering and always work diligently to improve our products and processes. This commitment requires us to call upon many virtues — passion, honor, integrity — and of course, vision and our roots in the tool making discipline.

However, when it really comes down to making those important decisions, only one issue remains: What is the best way to give you, the client, a strong advantage? Keeping this question in mind provides Versevo with the framework for our offerings and enables our company and clients to enjoy continued growth and success.

Lean Production – Net Shape Solutions

As one of our many innovations, Versevo's Net Shape Solutions are clear examples of the value engineering available to our domestic and international clients. Designed to be strong and functional while using the absolute minimal material, Net Shape Solutions reduce the need for finishing or other post-production processes and guarantee smooth and repeatable production.

Net Shape Solutions are engineered and designed in our shop, and then cast molded and/or formed as a single element with the aid of three-dimensional tooling, providing a "Net Shape.” The end result — leaner production and stronger products by way of smarter design.

Global Support

To help you maintain a competitive advantage in any market, we offer both domestic and global solutions. So, wherever your operation may be, we provide you with multi-disciplined engineering and manufacturing support along with complex problem solving required by the unique dynamics (rigorous applications, stiff pricing competition) that challenge the function of your products.

Versevo also works directly with OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers) to support product development and manufacturing of highly engineered cast and molded products that require value-added processing such as machining and assembly.

Speed to Make Your Competition Look Sluggish

Because we designed our company to house all processes of design, engineering, machining, tool making and castings, you are no longer forced to manage several outsourced projects with a variety of providers. Instead, expedite the whole process — in a fast-paced, global environment, speed-to-market continues to give you a competitive advantage.

For example, when a product calls for die castings, we assign the appropriate engineering and production teams to review the designs, tooling and manufacture ability of the product (with customer engineers) to ensure that the product scope is thoroughly interrogated and that the correct process path is chosen.

Simple Math: 6 Weeks is better than 20 Weeks

Not only do all meetings between engineers, designers and toolmakers take place under one roof at Versevo, the results from field testing are analyzed and changed under this same roof — one source, many experts, comprehensive offerings. Our innovative approach significantly cuts the time it takes to finish a job. In one particular case, we completed in six weeks a job that was set to consume twenty weeks with another vendor.

Backed by centuries of combined industry experience within our leadership team, Versevo's core business was built on patterns, dies and molds for the casting industry. Since inception in 1994, we have consistently added to our offerings — including sand cast, lost-foam cast, high pressure die cast, permanent/semi—permanent cast, investment casting, and plastic injection mold. In 2006, Versevo added production machining; in 2008, aluminum low-pressure permanent casting. Machines and tools aside, we have learned over the years that nothing matches the importance of relationships. You and the other stakeholders in this industry are what really matters and relationships are the true foundation for success — regardless of the industry. We always put our clients and employees first.

Appreciation for Versevo…

"Over the years, I have come to rely on their expertise not only in tool construction but in process and product development as well. On many occasions, they have worked directly with my customers on engineering and design issues to assure that everything went smoothly."

— Dave Thrams, Operations Manager, Stroh Controls

"The craftsmanship and engineering of the tool was top grade.”

— Aaron Nowak, Engineering Manager, Allied Die Casting

”They have shown an attention to detail in their tooling that is unmatched. They have a staff of engineers and designers that have knowledge not only of tooling and tool building, but casting manufacturing processes as well. They have helped us identify areas in our initial part designs that could be modified to produce a more robust designs for our process— and then provided the engineering capability to update the 3D models prior to the tooling build. The result has been robust designs for our new products with greatly reduced development times prior to production.”

— Kevin Hedrick, Tooling Engineer, BRP

Industries Served

Construction, Agriculture, Automotive, Healthcare, Household, Mining