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Pattern Technologies becomes Versevo

New Name Matches the Company’s Leading Role in a Changing Industry

September 5, 2006

Pattern Technologies, an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of net-shape cast, molded and machined products, is moving forward with a new name, Versevo. The new name reflects growth and change for a company that has emerged from its roots as a pattern shop to its present role as a diverse provider of solutions for customers needing to form almost any three dimensional product.

“The name Versevo echoes our fresh approach and our commitment to find the very best solutions for our customers,” said Terry Moon, Versevo President and CEO. “When it comes to the appropriate use of new technology, tapping into international markets and resources, and understanding our customer’s special requirements, Versevo offers unmatched capabilities in our industry.”

The Versevo name has its roots in several fundamental characteristics of the company. First, it captures the concept of “versatility” in which the people at Versevo approach every client’s need with an open mind. Versevo brings industry expertise together with a skill for listening to customers to find the best solution for every project. The second part of the Versevo name comes from the word “evolution,” and shows the company’s resolve to adapt to the world’s changing business environment. Versevo brings forward-looking ideas to meet and anticipate customers’ needs.

The name Versevo also resonates the word “service.” The people at Versevo communicate with customers; they respect the need for efficiency and quality; and they understand that speed-to-market is important in every project.

“We pride ourselves in having forward-thinking solutions. Our company has taken a new approach by partnering with our customers and our global suppliers to find new and better solutions to complex manufacturing problems,” Moon said. “Our team of experts can find the best solutions – both technical and business – so that our customers stay ahead of their competitors.”

Versevo is currently producing work for its customers at locations around the world. At the same time, it remains committed to growing its operations at the Versevo headquarters in Hartland, Wisconsin with the industry’s top employees and latest equipment.