Versevo Tooling and Molds Services

Wisconsin-based, Manufacturer Announces New Casting Operations

May 19, 2008

Versevo Inc., a leader in the design, manufacture and sourcing of solutions for the net shape cast, molded and machined industries, today announced the company's expansion into aluminum low-pressure, permanent casting operations.

At a time when the opening of a new foundry runs counter to industry trends, Versevo is experiencing growth within the casting and secondary operations sectors. Versevo's President and CEO, Terry R. Moon commented on the expansion, "While executing tooling projects, we were continuously receiving client requests for more complete solutions to their manufacturing needs, specifically in the development and production of cast, molded and machined products. We found many established foundries reluctant to take on these 'cradle to grave' programs."

Castings have always been a cornerstone of Versevo's complex manufacturing solutions and a vertical expansion into this industry segment fits shameless into the company's structure of providing all components of design, engineering and manufacturing under one roof. Moon realized that the opening of a casting operation would enable his company to improve upon their competitive advantages and was yet another vehicle for increased speed to market for their global and domestic customers.

As a start-up operation, the casting facility is currently producing Net Shape Solutions that include sampling, low volume and prototype runs such as a 10-cavity prototype tool and a casting utilized by a world-renowned food and nutritional humanitarian organization. Other net shape castings in queue include automotive/heavy truck applications. Based upon the product mix, the production output for each casting machine can be as high as 50,000 parts or 1.2 million pounds per year.

About Net Shape Solutions

Designed to be strong and functional while using the absolute minimum material, Versevo's Net Shape Solutions reduce the need for finishing or other post-production processes and guarantee smooth and repeatable production by way of advanced engineering, casting, machining and other unique capabilities. Net Shape Solutions move from ideas to finished products under one roof - formed as single elements with the aid of three-dimensional tooling then cast accordingly and quickly, thereby providing true net shapes. The result is leaner production and stronger products by way of smarter design.

About Versevo

Versevo Inc. serves a variety of industries and is a leader in the design, manufacture and sourcing for net shape cast, molded and machined products. The company's core business was built on patterns, die cast and mold tooling. Since its inception in 1994, Versevo continued to expand to provide tooling for the sand cast, lost foam cast, high-pressure die cast, permanent and semi-permanent cast, invest cast and plastic injection mold industries. In 2006, Versevo added production machining and in 2008 aluminum low-pressure permanent casting. The company employs 65 skilled and well-trained team members that assist their domestic and global customers with speed to market and efficiency gains by providing manufacturing and engineering support for complex problem solving.