Versevo Tooling and Molds Services

Recipient of ISO 9001:2008 Certification

March 1, 2009

To our valued Customers, Suppliers, Employee's and Associates:

I am proud to announce our Certification to ISO 9001:2008 effective February 11, 2009. Our entire organization has shown a tremendous level of cooperation and commitment in bringing this major objective to a successful conclusion!

ISO Certified Certificate

We have been regarded for years by most of our customers as an organization with high expertise, capabilities, quality, and a commitment to over-achieving in everything we do. One common them we have heard from many of our customers over the years, was that a move towards certification would open closed doors, and provide countless opportunities. To our customer, we look forward to walking through those doors and realizing the full potential certification can bring to our relationship with you!

To our supplier community, we ask for your cooperation as we move towards improving our overall relationship with you! We consider you an integral part of our operation and our overall success, and wish to work with you to help you become better suppliers to our organization.

For our part, we remain committed to continuously improving our organization, as well as the products and services we offer. It goes without saying that our entire organization understands the importance of utilizing the values learned during the discovery, training, and implementation phases of this process. Once learned, and now practiced, we can continue to improve on those things that were already the strong building blocks of a successfully structured and managed organization.

Again, I am proud of our accomplishment, and the possibilities that come with it. It is now up to all of us here at Versevo to develop them into shining examples of how a Total Quality Management can help our organization grow and prosper!!

Should you have any questions or concerns, or would like further information, please feel free to contact us at 262-369-8210 or via the web. We look forward to working with, and strengthening our relationships with all of you!!

Best Regards,

Terry R. Moon
President & CEO