Offerings include process development, tool design, prototype & production tooling, aluminum castings, machining, and inspection services, while Providing Net Shape Solutions and Delivering First Shot Success, for High Pressure & Low Pressure Die Cast, Lost Foam Cast, and Sand Cast products. As well as newly added services including in-house sampling for Low Pressure Casting, Trimming, and Mold Foam Patterns, with their recently acquired KURTZ equipment.


We have the people and technology on staff to create highly precise, dimensionally-true, tooling that will deliver first shot success. That’s what customers want and that’s what we do.


Different manufacturing processes require different tooling. We have the expertise required to make tools that produce highly accurate products using a variety of processes and materials.


Rather than tying-up your line to test sample a new product, let us provide you with samples using our low volume, short-run production capabilities. It's a faster route to a successful production run.


Manufacturer Model Machine Type Qty Capacity
OKK HM600S 4-Axis Horizontal CNC (Dual Pallet) 5 31 x 30 x 32
OKK HM800S 4-Axis Horizontal CNC (Dual Pallet) 1  
OKK MCV650 3-axis Vertical CNC 2 60 x 27 x 26
OKK PCV40 3-axis Vertical CNC 1 22 x 16 x 16
OKK VM5 3-axis Vertical CNC 1 40 x 32 x 23
OKK VM7 3-axis Vertical CNC 5 60 x 29 x 22
OKK VM76R 3-axis Vertical CNC 3 60 x 30 x 26
Roeders RFM1000 S2 4-axis Vertical CNC (High Speed) 1 40 x 32 x 23
Samsung SL-20MC CNC Lathe (with Live Tooling) 1 13.8 diam. x 21
Ingersoll Gantry 1000 Ram/Sinker EDM 1 40 x 63 x 20
Mitsubishi EX30 Ram/Sinker EDM 1 28 x 20 x 14
Mitsubishi FA20S Wire EDM 1 41 x 31 x 11
Okamoto 12-24DX/ST Surface Grinder 2 24 x 12 x 10
Sheffield Endeavor 3 Plus Automated CMM Inspection 1 26 x 39 x 26
Mitutoyo BH710 Manual CMM Inspection 1 28 x 40 x 30
Stratasys Fortus 400MC ABS Rapid Prototype (with Sectioning) 1 14 x 16 x 16
Kurtz AL10-7SC Aluminum Low Pressure Molding 1 40 x 28
Modern Equipment MJM-800 Aluminum Jet Melter 1 800#/hour
Kurtz K813 Foam Molding 1  
Kurtz V1.5 Foam Pre-Expander 1  
Creaform Metrascan 750 Elite Handheld Scanner 1  


Our combined experience in the casting industy will
ensure success with your next tooling project.