Our Proven Process

You can feel confident that your tooling will be designed and machined to produce castings of the highest quality. 

We call our process IADMDS and it’s proven to deliver 1st shot success time and time again.

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    Right customer, right product, right result! This truly begins with understanding who we are and how we can use what we know to match customers and products to our range of services. Knowing who we are, keeps us laser focused on the right customers and products, ultimately leading us to the right results for our customers.

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    Fit, Form, Function Rule…the 3F’s. When approaching analyses of our customer’s products, the goal is to assist our customers in determining the best overall process path. Melding each customer product to the right process ensures product development success and the best overall value to our customer.

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    Perfect model, Perfect result! Best practices decision making, combined with powerful software tools, transform analytical concepts and ideas into manufacture ready virtual models which convey process intent to manufacturing, and ensure the best product results for our customers.

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    Decisions made in the development phase become tangible results. Process rich models are transformed into steel and aluminum tools, dies, molds, and fixtures, which are used in the casting and machining processes, bringing customer products to life……3D design data transformed into real products.

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    First Shot Success! It’s Versevo’s guarantee to our customer. Simply put, this means we deliver on time products and services that meet or exceed our customer’s expectations, first time, every time.

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    Customer service is evident throughout our proven process, but it truly begins following delivery. Service isn’t just a once in a while thing, it’s an all the time thing…and it lives on in every product or service we are contracted to provide…YOUR SUCCESS IS OUR SUCCESS!!