Squander Production Time

Don’t Squander Your Priceless Production Time


86,400 precious gems, worth a small fortune. You wouldn’t just squander them or carelessly leave them laying around. You’d guard them with special care, because of their great value. What do they represent? 86,400 diamond seconds, 1,440 ruby minutes and 24 sapphire hours in a single day.

For manufacturers, production time is worth far more than these rare gems. When your line is running well, it’s worth a small fortune to your business. That’s why you can’t afford to waste time using it to tweak new molds and work through tool problems.

To help you get up to speed quickly, Versevo has invested in a Kurtz K813 foam molding press. It’s used to mold EPS foam patterns for lost foam castings. But that’s not all: Instead of conducting pre-production testing on your line, you can do so on our machine. We’ll even help you reach bridge volume on our equipment, so you can keep your line running at full production.

What’s unique about this capability?

“No other machine shop in the U.S. has the capability to design and build foam tools and conduct sampling and tool optimization, all in one facility,” explains Versevo President and CEO Terry Moon. “Most other shops will just build the tool, do a quality check using a CMM (coordinate measuring machine) and then ship it to the customer. We take it multiple steps farther, scanning and sampling your molds to ensure they are truly production-ready.”

“Large projects often involve hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars in molds and multiple tools,” he adds. “At Versevo, we will test and sample every one of them.”

The Kurtz K813 can also produce shape-molded EPS (expanded polystyrene) for containers, packing materials.

The bottom line

What does it cost to interrupt your production line?

Compare that to the cost of your foam molds and tooling, and it’s easy to see that Versevo’s comprehensive, first-shot success approach is your best value.

“You shouldn’t have to tie up your priceless production time tweaking molds and solving tooling problems. We take care of that for you, on our equipment, at our facility. Don’t settle for less,” Moon encourages.

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