Versevo CMM enhances mold quality

Cutting-Edge Laser Scanner Helps Enhance Part And Mold Quality


To help Versevo Inc. achieve its goal of first-shot success for dies, molds, patterns, core boxes and castings, the company recently invested in a MetraSCAN 750 optical CMM 3D portable handheld laser scanner from Creaform3D. This cutting-edge device enables us to verify and qualify the dimensions of our tooling, as well as cast and machined parts, to an accuracy of +/-.002 in. inside a 7-ft. cube.

To scan, a quality inspector moves slowly in a 360-degree circle around the tool or part, pointing a handheld device that looks like a hollow geodesic “ball.” The MetraSCAN 750 “paints” the part with a laser lattice, and its surfaces are captured by a pair of cameras. Dozens of reflectors send the surface scan data back to a mobile data collector to ensure dimensional accuracy, even for complex shapes. The operator can see the results of the scan on a laptop in real time, so he or she can ensure a complete scan of the part.

The MetraSCAN 750 is paired with a portable dual-camera C-track unit, which increases the speed and accuracy of part scans. The C-Track can be used to measure positions and orientations in space simultaneously and continuously, and with great precision. This makes it possible to control displacements, drive assembly processes or measure deformations frequently missing from conventional touch probe inspections.

The MetraSCAN 750 enables us to:

  • Perform first article inspections on the shop floor, eliminating the need to send them to a metrology lab,
  • Do in-process and final inspections of production parts,
  • Easily inspect die and mold geometry to minimize the number of costly design iterations and adjustments. This helps us manufacture molds and parts that perfectly match the CAD reference.
  • Quickly verify, align and adjust our tools for maximum accuracy.
  • Perform checks to help prevent improper machine alignment or changes to tool, mold or die specifications. These steps can help eliminate rework and minimize wasted resources and production backlogs.
  • Scan and manage tool wear to extend tool life and eliminate costly repairs/replacement

“These state-of-the-art scanning tools give us quality control capabilities that few tool and machine shops our size can offer,” explains Versevo President Terry Moon. “They enhance our ability to deliver First Shot Success to our customers - highly precise, in-tolerance tooling that ensures they achieve full production quickly, every time.”

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